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This is a collection of some of the things I've written about, recently. I am a perpetual tinker, and most of the things that I find the energy to write about are in that vein of things. This is Not a Writer's Log, but a Tinker's Notebook.


I Am Internet Archive And So Can You

Published on 03/10/2023 |

Want to build a local copy of a cool occult informational website that you're afraid won't be around forever? Try wget!

wget --mirror \
--warc-file=YOUR_FILENAME \
--warc-cdx \
--page-requisites \
--html-extension \
--convert-links \
--execute robots=off \
--directory-prefix=. \
--span-hosts \
--domains=example.com,www.example.com,cdn.example.com \
--user-agent=Mozilla (mailto:somebody@otherexample.com) \
--wait=10 \
--random-wait http://www.example.com

Archive responsibly.

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